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Reconnect to the Immovable Rock (己の中の不動の岩)

Posted by ミツコ (MITSUKO) on 15.2009 0 comments

I stand here firmly with perfect trust,
and reconnect to the immovable rock
deep down within myself.

Right there I can feel my core energy again.

That rock will never be shaken
by any torrential rain,
wind or harsh weather.

It gives me a steadfast will,
and an earnest desire to seek and accomplish
my own special mission in this life.

That rock will never be lost and has never been.
It stays forever here and now,
and it could mean just BE, I AM: my own being.


Now I can feel a calm and sacred pleasure
at the bottom of my heart accompanied by
a divine and cosmic breeze.



今、固く信じて この地に立つ
己の奥深くに眠る 不動の岩と繋がる

そこでは 自分の芯となる
エネルギーを 今一度 感じることができる

それは どんな風雨 厳しい寒さにも、
決して ゆるがなないもの

不動の強さを もたらすもの
永遠に かわらないもの

在りて あるもの

ふっと 力をぬいてみる

今、己の中を 静かに吹きぬける
厳かな 宇宙の風を  感じる


Category : Rock (岩)
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