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Act with Awareness

Posted by ミツコ (MITSUKO) on 16.2009 0 comments
I just read an article called, “How the Food Makers Captured
Our Brains”. I was surprised, but I don't want to blame others
for making us overeat. Here is what I believe.

Our eating habits are tied to the way we think. It comes as
no surprise that the food manufacturers might have tried to
manipulate our minds behind the scenes in order to boost profits.

However, what we need to do is not blame others for our
overeating; we must increase our awareness to see such
events in perspective and avoid being manipulated in the future.

For one thing, we are solely and ultimately responsible for
our choices. The way our brains react to events is very personal.
Even when receiving the same information, people may respond
in totally different ways. So, even if the food makers schemed to
make us to crave junk food, some people would simply ignore
the message due to their own preferences or principles

Secondly, these days, the food industry is not the only entity
attempting to manipulate us; any group providing information
to consumers is suspect. For example, some organizations may
attempt to manipulate us through fear or subliminal conditioning.
There may be a significant amount of unnoticed consumer
brainwashing being carried out by the media or large corporations
to get us to buy their products.

In conclusion, increasing our alertness, and acting with awareness
are the keys to protecting us from any external power or threat
at a fundamental level. Even if we are already physically addicted
to some substance, the mind controls the body, so we can recover
by reconditioning our brains first. I firmly believe this as a person
who has recovered two serious issues: a severe eating disorder
and an addiction to cigarettes.

We have to take responsibility for our own lives.

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