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I Let Myself Shine Like a Top Star (意識をもって今ここに生きる)

Posted by ミツコ (MITSUKO) on 03.2009 0 comments

There must be a crystal clear meaning of life
and why I am here.

Before the sun rises in its solemn moment
I stand alone, firmly and listen deep within.

With all my heart, body and soul integrated,
I can feel the beat of the universe;
silent, yet strong,
the breathing of this very dear Mother Earth.

I was born and have chosen to live in this country,
Japan, which is full of richness and the beauty of
lush greenery and water courses.

Spirit of harmony,
which we have been embracing,
handing on the torch:
now--- reconnect to the universal Truth in everyone’s mind,
as tracing in a beautiful spiral pattern.

I choose to live on this planet
and awaken my consciousness.

I let myself shine like a top star
with dignity and deep respect
for my own uniqueness and individuality.




私が いま ここに在るのは

まだ朝陽 昇らぬ
厳かな ひとときに
宇宙の鼓動に 耳を澄ませ
地球の力強い呼吸を 全身に感じながら
今、ここに、固く 立つ

水と緑 豊かな
わたしは 選んで生まれてきた

「輪」にも 繋がる

今という この瞬間を 生きる

わたしにしか できないことを
ただ すれば いい


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